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The Community Connect Business Expo program provides for street billboard banners displaying the selected themed artwork of the different cities on the program. The artwork will be designed exclusively for your community; branding the village website address, showing the City's economic vitality, and demonstrating the support of your business community. As you know, the cities are always looking for ways to promote revitalization and community branding, and are dedicated to making your community a great place to live, work, shop and conduct business. This project will highlight the advantages of living in, and doing business in your great city.


We Connect Community Businesses with Consumers
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The unique aspect of the Expo banner project is our ability to help you digitally connect with your current and future customers. Within this program a QR code is created and displayed in each participating business, linking all of the participants to the City's Expo page. When your customers visit your business they will have the opportunity to “Snap the App” and gain access to the entire program.  In doing so, they will receive all the rewards from every participating business in the project. With one simple click on a smart phone, the citizens and visitors of your city can see your website, phone number and hours of business. A business antenna if you will. What better way to drive business to your door. It’s as simple as “Snap the App”!  We have developed this new cutting edge concept to bring the consumer into your business, thus creating a true Community Mobile Business Expo! This creative new technology will spread virally throughout the community and surrounding areas! Call or email for details!

We strongly encourage you to consider supporting this program, which we feel is truly a win-win for all involved.

​Contact David, the President of Community Connect Expo at 585-746-1685 to be a part of your city's revitalization!